When a tooth has been broken, cracked or decayed, a crown may be needed to restore its strength. Crowns are used when a filling would not provide necessary protection against chewing and your natural biting forces. In most cases, crowns are needed after root canal therapy. A crown can allow you to use an otherwise fragile tooth for years – often even a lifetime!

Before a crown is applied, Dr. Kemp will remove any decay or fracture, carefully preparing the tooth for it’s new protective covering. Then, the crown will be custom-made to fit your tooth and bonded. Since crowns cover the entire tooth from the gum up, your tooth will have a new, perfected visible surface. Some patients receive crowns for cosmetic reasons, because they instantly mask crooked, stained or otherwise imperfect teeth.

Many dentists require multiple visits to apply a crown, but Dr. Kemp’s office is equipped with same-day crown technology for your convenience.