Root Canals

Also known as endodontic therapy, a “root canal” procedure attempts to save a tooth that has significant, deep damage. This procedure is often dreaded, but with modern technology and numbing agents, it is virtually painless for most patients! The “pain” stigma is more associated with the tooth than the procedure. If you fear you may need a root canal, rest assured that it is a routine procedure that will ultimately provide lasting relief.

How It’s Done

If decay has reached a tooth’s nerve, Dr. Kemp will first numb the tooth entirely. Then, like during a cavity filling, he will drill to reach the damaged nerve inside the tooth. The nerve will be removed, the canals will be cleaned and the tooth will be sealed with a filling material. In many cases, the tooth will need a crown to protect it, but this will be arranged for another visit.

Dr. Kemp has been doing root canals for nearly 25 years; however, if he feels the damage is especially complex, he may refer patients to a local endodontic specialist.