Through advanced technology, dental implants are transforming the lives of people with lost or missing teeth. Implants allow for restored confidence and an increased quality of life for those with limited chewing ability. In many cases, patients who receive implants even experience enhanced facial structure.

How It Works

Implants are metal posts that are surgically placed beneath your gums to act as natural tooth roots. These posts integrate with your jawbone, offering support for a crown or denture. After implants are placed, a patient must wait until they properly fuse with the natural bone, which can take several months. When healing and fusing is complete, Dr. Kemp can apply the crown. This procedure is often desired over a bridge because the adjacent teeth do not need to be altered in the process. The implant and crown in no way interfere with flossing or regular care.

Dr. Kemp has completed 235 continuing education hours in implant dentistry, an initiative that is typically only taken by periodontists and oral surgeons.